Tim Donaghy former Mob-Linked NBA Referee to speak at Launch of University of New Haven’s Graduate Certificate in Sports Integrity

Zoom Presentation, Wednesday, April 22nd – 18.30 pm (EST)

I was slowly learning that NBA referees had their own way of officiating a professional basketball game…”

Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy will be delivering the first annual sports integrity address for the Investigations Program, University of New Haven. This event will launch the Sports Integrity Graduate Certificate.

Tim Donaghy is one of the most controversial figures in the history of the National Basketball Association. A former top referee who was working with the mafia while officiating high-level games. The FBI investigated. He was jailed. Beaten up by the mob. There has been a Hollywood movie about him.

However, almost everything that has been said about Donaghy in the media is false. In this event, he will speak of his experiences in a clear, focused fashion.

The Investigation Program has invited Donaghy to launch our Certificate in Sports Integrity for investigators, sports officials and other professional, Master’s level students.

We invite Donaghy because in our teaching we emphasize direct, real-life experiences. Students in the program get a chance to hear not only top law enforcement investigators, sports lawyers, academics and athletes, but also professional gamblers, bookmakers, former match-fixers and mobsters.

Vitaly Stepanov, the anti-doping official who blew the whistle on the Russian state-sponsored doping of athletes and who now lives in hiding, is a regular guest lecturer. As is the world’s best undercover agent against match-fixing, along with some of America’s top financial investigators into the corruption at FIFA.

The program has four mandatory courses: International Sports Corruption, U.S. Sports Corruption, Sports Law and the Sports Gambling Market. The last course is specifically taught so students can learn how to monitor the gambling market to detect fixing and money-laundering.

We also ask students to take an additional course from the Investigations Program in a relevant field like anti-bribery and corruption, cyber crime or abuse investigations.

If you are interested in attending this event on Zoom, please send a brief note to [email protected] with “former NBA referee” in the subject line. We will send you a link to the session on the day of the event (We do this to prevent Zoombombing).

All are welcome!

Declan Hill – Ph.d (Oxford)
Associate Professor of Investigations
Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science
University of New Haven, Connecticut
[email protected]

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