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“In sport, corruption is normalized…”

An honour and privilege to be interviewed by the superb French journalist Patricia Cerinsek on bribery, corruption and criminality... read more

The Ghost Army: the Inside Story of the ‘Super-Cartel’

It was a silent criminal corporation.It was worth tens of billions of dollars.They killed and... read more

The Fixers War

It was the greatest case of match-fixing in sports. At the heart of the investigation was one obsessive cop. A... read more

The Nightmare: The FightBack

Mike Ware - Innocence Project An interview transcript from with the deeply insightful Mike Ware, head of the Texas... read more

Stupid vs. Criminal: the Iowa Gambling Scandal

The sad failure at the heart of the Iowa/Iowa State Sports Gambling Scandal It is a sports scandal that reveals... read more

The Mystery Final

There are some games that are far larger than just a sporting competition.  There was that game in 1936 in... read more

The Sickness of the “Sports Integrity Industry”

Qatar 2022 is about to start with massive labour and human rights challenges. The sports integrity industry has had... read more

The Mafia Capo, How to Catch a Killer & Red-Flagging the Leagues

MAFIO CAPO PRESENTATION    "And a lot of these basketball players would go to the same clubs...and we got... read more

The Return to the Dangerous Normal

During Joe Biden’s Presidential Inauguration, we saw him join three former presidents - George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and... read more

The NBA Gamble

If you are a sports fan, you are probably slightly obsessed with the Tim Donaghy case. Donaghy was one of... read more

Five Predictions for the U.S. Election

It is going to be a great night for American democracy. It is a humbling time to be in this... read more

The Launch of ‘Crime Waves’ Podcast

“Its just very sad that because you speak out about these issues [Human rights] you have to live with... read more

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