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The Insider’s Guide to Match-Fixing in Football

Described as ‘Freakonomics meets Football Corruption’. This is an academic book for non-academics.

‘The Insider’s Guide to Match-Fixing in Football’ is an analysis of the motivations, the mechanisms and the methods within this modern form of fixing.

The book examines key questions like;

  • How do fixers corrupt matches?
  • Why do players agree to be corrupt?
  • How do players fix matches?
  • Is violence used against referees and players to force them to fix?
  • How is fixing different from cheating?
  • Why do some rich, strong teams bother to bribe poor, weak teams?
  • Why are some games fixed, but not others?
  • Why do some leagues have more match corruption than others?

The final chapter examines the most important question:

  • How can a sports official prevent match-fixing?

The overarching thesis of the book is that most match-fixing is preventable.  Fixing comes from key specific factors. Remove those factors and we can win the war against match-fixing.

Read it and be prepared to shocked about the true extent of fixing in football, but also be prepared to learn how we can fight against the fixing and protect the sport we love.