A Complete Waste of Time

The Fenerbahçe versus Arsenal match.

A waste of time.

Fenerbahçe should not be in the Champions League.  Heck!  They should not even be in the Turkish Super-league, but playing their way out of an enforced relegation at the bottom division of Turkish football.  What has occurred in that country is nothing short of a hijacking of the legal system, the political establishment and common sense by millions of Fenerbahçe supporters.

Thank goodness that UEFA has tried to stand up to them!  Kudos to Michel Platini and all his staff.   It is an odds-on that CAS (the effective Supreme Court of Sport) will throw out Fenerbahçe’s appeal.   One can only hope so, otherwise European football will have received a real legal kick in the teeth in allowing a team who achieved such success with such widespread match-fixing to continue unpunished.

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