Assisting is Not Arresting

So Dan Tan is now helping authorities with the investigation.

A press release from the Singaporean Police announced a few hours ago,

“Dan Tan Seet Eng, a Singaporean who has been named in reports so far, is currently assisting Singapore authorities in their investigations.”

Fair play.  This is a good start.  Months late.  But fair enough someone in Singapore, after immense international pressure, has stepped up to the mark and started a process that should have been done a long time ago.

Here then are a few questions and background notes for Singaporean authorities:

1)    Why have you not arrested him?  [There is enough evidence from Italy, to arrest this suspect, rather than extradite him, particularly as many of his actions were alleged to have taken place in Singapore]

2)    Have you searched his home? [This is where the physical evidence that may lead to other suspects is found].

3)    Have you taken away his computer, mobile phone? [See above].

4)    Why has it taken you so long to approach him? [See all of my previous blogs]

5)    What concrete steps will Singaporean authorities do to demonstrate that they can be trusted? [Given your spotty record on arresting well-wanted match-fixing suspects, why would any credible policeman trust you with confidential information?  Interpol now has four Singaporean police officers helping with their match-fixing unit. Few serious European police officers will trust them, how are they going to change that situation?]

6)  Is this all stage-managed?   If not, why did you wait for the AFC/Interpol Match-Fixing Conference to announce the arrests of suspects? Was it all coincidence or was the timing suspiciously close to when the world’s media would be paying attention?

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