The NBA Gamble

If you are a sports fan, you are probably slightly obsessed with the Tim Donaghy case.

Donaghy was one of the highest ranked referees in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was also a gambling addict. For four years, he worked with illegal gamblers and bookmakers betting on his own games.

The betting industry either never caught him or the few that did notice the strange odds movements, like the Gambino-connected bookmakers in New York, bet on his games for their own profit.

The NBA’s internal security also missed his gambling.

The FBI only found out about the case on a wire tap during another Mafia-linked case.

Donaghy and his associates were caught, put on trial and sentenced to 15-months in jail.

However, the central question still remains – did he fix NBA games?

Donaghy and the NBA claim he did not.

There have been numerous media stories claiming he did.

On Crime Waves Podcast, we asked him that question directly.

His answer will shock you.

If his claims are true, it will change the way you view North American sports.

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