The Worst Mass Murderers in History & the NBA


They are the worst mass murderers in the history of humanity and they have chosen to face down the National Basketball Association (NBA).

If you missed this week’s foreboding story of communist Chinese taking umbrage at a seven-word tweet by a relatively unknown (by international standards) NBA manager, this is what happened.

Daryl Morey is the intelligent, maverick general manager of the Houston Rockets. He tweets about a range of subjects, mostly basketball but ranging to speed chess and jokes about U.S. President Donald Trump and Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Last week, presumably swayed by the images of tens-of-thousands of protestors in Hong Kong, he tweeted, ‘Fight for freedom. Stand with Hong Kong’.

The Communist Chinese went berserk. They pulled the television coverage of two pre-season NBA games in China. They canceled an NBA merchandising sponsorship worth billions of dollars and they claimed that the Chinese public was furious by the seven-word tweet of someone most of them had never heard of.

The NBA responded by backpedaling furiously. Morey deleted his tweet and came out with a grovelling apology of the kind seen in re-education camps everywhere. The NBA issued two statements. One, a benign English language press release speaking of ‘freedom of expression’ and how much they valued it. The other in Mandarin saying they were “deeply disappointed by the inappropriate remarks”.  This mirrored their general stance as at press conference in Japan on Tuesday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver spoke about the importance of freedom of speech and on Wednesday  ran off to China to try to make sure no one was going to be upset.

The Black Death of Government

It is no wonder that the NBA did these craven actions for the Communist Chinese are not simply another authoritarian regime that jails a few thousand troublesome political opponents or uppity intellectuals. They are the greatest killers in history. Like so many things in China, the scale of communist atrocities stretches the imagination, they are a government with a death toll that compares to the Black Death – the medieval plague that wiped out tens-of-millions of people.

Demographers still cannot figure out how many people the founding Communist leader Chairman Mao massacred. The estimates of mass murders, deliberately-caused starvation and concentration camps is some where between 30 million to over 80 million people. There are a number of reasons why demographers disagree so passionately about how many tens of millions died in China: the information is so difficult to calculate: the Communist government statistics are utterly unreliable; and that the scale of deaths was so high that entire regions were wiped out. It is extraordinary stuff. The margin of error is so great that it encompasses all the killings of Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot combined.

Here is one typical incident contained in a suppressed official report of the ‘Great Leap Forward’ when tens-of-millions died from a program of mass starvation between 1957-61 that Mao imposed on his country.

“In Damiao commune, Chen Zhangying and her husband Zhao Xizhen killed and boiled their 8-year-old son Xiao Qing and ate him. In Wudian commune, Wang Lanying not only picked up dead people to eat, but also sold 2 jin [2.2 pounds] from their bodies as pork.”

One thirteen-year-old, eye-witness account of murder of her teacher by some of her students during the ‘Cultural Revolution’ of the late 1960s when Mao encouraged people to attack anyone with an education.

“They put her face down on a big cement table used for playing Ping Pong. They used belts and clubs to beat her. At first she moaned a bit, but afterward she became silent…They didn’t mean to kill her. Nobody realized that she would be beaten to death… It took about an hour. In the end, the clothing on her back was all gone. All you could see was her body.”


Scene of book burning during the Cultural Revolution in China

Little has Changed

For all the nonsense of the last two decades of a new China, there has been little substantial change in the power structure of the Communist regime. There may not be deliberate famines but there is still a network of enforced labour camps and execution of tens-of-thousands of political prisoners to harvest their organs.

Last week, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of these blood-thirsty scumbags taking power, Beijing showed their usual propaganda images of tanks rolling down streets, flag-waving children and crowds bursting into ‘spontaneous’ applause. The Economist wrote of the military parade featuring the introduction of the DF-41 nuclear missiles “capable of striking any city in America…”

Scenes from the October 2019 ‘celebration’ of 70 years of Communist power in China

The current political, social and cultural leaders of Communist China are for the most part ‘red princelings’ – the sons and daughters of these mass murderers. It is rare to be able make genuine comparisons with Nazi Germany but in this case it is accurate. Current-day Communist China is as if Hitler, Himmler and the rest of his infamous gang had built a stable regime and had children who then took over the government. This does not, of course, mean that every leader is bad but it does explain why trade with Communist China is, and has always been, an exercise in dealing with mafia-style racketeers.

Enter the NBA

If you are a Communist Chinese official, a free-speaking NBA is one of your worse nightmares.
Imagine during a televised match, watched by hundreds of millions of people, one of the players does what Colin Kaepernick did and takes a knee or raises a fist Black Panther style or simply carries an umbrella (the symbol of protest in Hong Kong). Many of those viewers might erupt in sympathy.

For make no mistake much of the ‘public fury’ against the NBA is merely Communist mouth-pieces or official social engineering. What the Hong Kong protestors are demonstrating for – free elections and an independent judiciary – is the stuff of suppressed dreams for most Chinese people. Combine that with a popular sporting hero showing his support for their aspirations and there might be a wave of demonstrations across China – starting in Tibet and the Uighur region where tens of millions of people live in fear.

This is the reason why the Communist Chinese are going after one seven-word tweet from a general manager in the NBA: allow one person to say what they want and who knows where it may end?

Be Afraid

The take-away message for the rest of us is, be afraid, be very afraid. The Communist Chinese have come for the NBA, Versace, Cathy Pacific, Rio Tinto, Daimler and dozens of other powerful western corporations who have angered them in some way. They will come for us next. They are buying up of media and entertainment companies to engineer our dreams and ideals. The Disney controlled sport channel ESPN sent a memo to their journalists this week, ”mandating that any discussion of the Daryl Morey story avoid any political discussions about China and Hong Kong, and instead focus on the related basketball issues.” The Communist Chinese have already moved into our personal technology. They are marching into artificial intelligence and on to our ‘smart’ phones. All of this will begin to curtail our freedoms and thoughts. So do as the man says, ‘Stand with Hong Kong’ – for their battle is ours.

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