The Mafia Capo, How to Catch a Killer & Red-Flagging the Leagues

  “And a lot of these basketball players would go to the same clubs…and we got our eye on one or two of the guys. And I’d say, “Listen, you are a smart guy. I’m your good friend. Let me tell you how you are going to make some money.”
  Michael Franzese, the former Mafia Capo for the Colombo Crime Family, is the keynote speaker for the second annual Sports Integrity presentation at the University of New Haven. Wednesday, April 21st at 5.00 p.m. (New York time) – on Zoom.

Franzese was the youngest Capo in Mafia history, making over a billion dollars a month in a multi-state gasoline tax fraud. He also fixed a number of major sports events.

Join us as Michael Franzese discusses his means, methods and what the new legalization of gambling will mean for American sport.

All are welcome to this extraordinary event but do please register at – [email protected]
How to Catch a Killer

CrimeWaves Podcast, has moved into its second mini-season on how homicide investigators solve their cases. The first episode – A Murder in Our Town – is the great Tim Palmbach, former head of homicide for the Connecticut State Police, telling of the killing of a prosecution witness.

His body was found on a beach. The unit set up their investigation – when out of a blue sky, a massive rain cloud appeared and destroyed all the physical evidence. Palmbach describes the painstaking two-year investigation that solved the case.

Other stories in the season, are the leading forensic research Professor Claire Glynn and the new forensic genealogy technology that helped detectives crack ‘The Golden State Killer’ case. The Disappearance of Annie Le – the lead investigator Lisa Dadio tells the tragic story of a beautiful, intelligent young Yale graduate student who went missing days before her wedding. And ‘The Most Important Tool at the Crime Scene is your Brain’ – Peter Valentin, the brilliant police officer turned professor talks about organizing the crime scene.

These episodes and the first season of CrimeWaves – ‘Blood Sports’ – can be found at

Red-Flagging the Leagues

  The Sports Integrity Center at the University of New Haven, produced its first research, for the academic journal ‘Sport in Society’. We examined which of the U.S. major sports leagues – National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Hockey League (NHL), National Basketball Association (NBA) or the Tier-1 National College Athletic Association (NCAA) – is most likely to be corrupted by the waves of match-fixing that have hit international sport.

We used ‘Hill’s Law of Fixing’ – or the total amount gambled on a sport divided by the median salary of the players – along with seven other factors to determine which league is most in danger.

Read the paper here:

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