A Sidekick Over the Ship

A quick comment on the arrest of Admir Suljic arrest.

This is called throwing the sidekick over the side of the ship.

It is a tactic used to distract the media from the real person: Dan Tan.

Again, Dan Tan is alleged to be at the centre of the match-fixing ring.  If true, he knows the key establishment people who would be involved in helping their activities. A man like Admir Suljic does not know those people.

There is an odd, ironic convergence of interests that is occurring.

-Dan Tan does not want to be arrested.

-The Singaporean government does not want the embarrassment of having a domestic scandal when it is revealed which prominent people in the Asian sporting and business world are involved in fixing.

-Interpol does not want Europol stealing all the glory and getting the credit for fighting against fixing.

The three sides, without speaking to each other, are putting on a show for the international media.

Do not believe them.

Keep asking for Dan Tan’s arrest.  Remember his people came to your country and fixed your sports.   They are now helping cover it up.  We can stop this from happening.  Just arrest Dan Tan.

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