Lipstick on a Pig, Mexican Environmental Regulation and FIFA Reform

Today, FIFA announced new reforms.  What good do all these paper plans do if so many of their executives are corrupt? You can put lipstick on a pig – it is still a pig.

Below quotes – from today’s press conference  by US Attorney-General Loretta Lynch, Robert Capers and Chief of the IRS Richard Weber.

“Today is another good day for soccer fans.  Unfortunately from the decades-long corruption that has been uncovered by the US investigation, good intent has been replaced by greed and misguided goals.

“This case has been nothing short of one of the most complex, worldwide financial investigations ever conducted.

“These people held a variety of leadership roles and represent countries across the western Hemisphere. Each one was entrusted with specific responsibilities to develop and promote the sport with integrity.

“They abused their position of authority and trust to enrich themselves. They used the institutions they were supposed to serve, year after year, to satisfy they own greed.”

“One of the men, Romer Osuna, is alleged to have taken millions of dollars in bribes as treasurer of Conmebol. Amazingly, he is now a member of Fifa’s audit and compliance committee – one of Fifa’s sub-committees charged with developing reform proposals.”

Brayan Jiménez: Current Guatemalan soccer federation president and member of the FIFA Committee for Fair Play

“The defendant Héctor Trujillo currently serves as a judge on the Constitutional Court of Guatemala, purportedly dispensing justice by day while allegedly soliciting bribes and selling his influence within.”

“This investigation covers years of conduct by dozens and dozens of people both in the past and literally into the future.”

Complete list of all the executives arrested by the US Department of Justice:
Alfredo Hawit (Concacaf president), Ariel Alvarado (ex-Panamanian football official), Rafael Callejas (former president of Honduras football), Brayan Jimenez (Guatemala FA chief), Rafael Salguero (Guatemalan Fifa executive committee member), Hector Trujillo (general secretary of Guatemala FA), Reynaldo Vasquez (former El Salvador FA president), Juan Angel Napout (Conmebol president), Manuel Burga (former Peru FA president), Carlos Chavez (Bolivia football president), Luis Chiriboga (Ecuador football president), Marco Polo del Nero (Brazil football president), Eduardo Deluca (Conmebol general secretary), Jose Luis Meiszner (former Conmebol secretary general), Romer Osuna (Bolivia football audit and compliance committee chief), Ricardo Teixeira (former Brazil FA chief).




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