“In sport, corruption is normalized…”

An honour and privilege to be interviewed by the superb French journalist Patricia Cerinsek on bribery, corruption and criminality in sports.
She asked the fundamental question, “Why are so many athletes corrupting their sports?’

Three main reasons:

i. They are told to do so by their bosses. Il sistema/the system/cooperativa is alive and well in many sports leagues. To be a ‘good professional’ is to learn to lose as well as win.
ii. They are not paid their salaries. Non-payment of salaries is a chronic problem. If a player has not received their money in six months, what do you expect them to do?
iii. They are gambling addicts. There is a silent plague of addiction among athletes.

Very few people speak about these reasons, they have been influenced by the leagues, the bookmakers and the bosses. They are taught to frame the debate as an issue of ‘ethics’ and ‘individual choice’… just like the tobacco industry bewitched academics/the public for decades.

Pour les lecteurs français, Patricia a eu la gentillesse de tolérer mon affreux français. Vous pouvez trouver le podcast ici:


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