Covid-19… Now for the Really Bad News

There are more – far more – viruses, like Covid-19 out there.

That is the view from the scientific literature that – like many of the things during this crazy time – is really terrifying. One article tells of a group of dedicated Chinese researchers in the provinces around Wuhan discovering thousands of similar viruses. A few of these viruses are potentially as or more harmful to humans than the Covid-19. If unchecked, the researchers warn, it is, simply, a matter of time before some of these new viruses spread to the human population ( These viruses may not be passed to humans this year or the next but they will come for us.
The key are bats. They are, at times, says one of the researchers, “a perfect factory for viruses”. Its not necessarily that bats bite or come in contact with humans. Rather they pass the viruses to other animals, some relatively exotic wildlife like – pangolins or monkeys – but other domesticated animals like pigs or chickens. It these animals who then pass the virus on to humans in deadly, mutated forms (
The ease of the transmission between animals and humans is catalyzed in part by a domestic Chinese wildlife trade markets worth billions of dollars but most comes from good, old-fashioned bad animal husbandry practices. As an article in the Smithsonian describes, “This is one of the major reasons China has been such a hot spot for new influenza viruses: Nowhere else on earth do so many people have such close contact with so many birds (and animals).” (

Stop Trading with China

If humanity is to stop the next pandemic from these new viruses, then its time the rest of the world stops trading with China. Its time to cease any global market with a country ruled by such a group of disorganized criminal thugs that they cannot maintain levels of basic animal-human hygiene that prevent tens-of-thousands of people dying in countries thousands of miles away. Communist China’s record since it officially entered the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001 has been a public health disaster. The world has suffered from two previous major outbreaks originating in China – SARS in 2003 and H7N9 – Bird Flu – in 2012. This is not counting the annual influenza outbreaks that occur so regularly that we often forget that they kill tens-of-thousands of people each year. Now, we have the Covid-19 that has wiped out trillions of dollars from the world economy and caused, and will cause, untold suffering. All because the Communist Chinese Government has not and will not prevent these viruses from inoculating and spreading. There is a second worry that makes ceasing trading with China a necessity. The interconnected global supply chain depends on manufacturing in China. Their repressive government can open or shut the taps on economical commodities like rare earth and steel but also on medical supplies. In February, as the disease was ramping up in the rest of the world, it was reported by the American media outlet Axios that the U.S. may face issues getting 150 important medicines because of the Chinese dominance of the supply chain. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it was “keenly aware that the outbreak could impact the medical product supply chain”. Now, the Communist Chinese government – through their official mouthpiece Global Times – is boasting that they can use the “Virus to move China up global healthcare supply chain”

Widespread Terror but not Public Health

Its not as if the Communist Chinese do not have enough resources to stop the growth and spread of viruses. In the last ten years, they have poured money and power into turning the entire province of Xinjiang Uyghur into a prison state ( and A population of millions have been enslaved in a dystopian technological dictatorship of electronic surveillance, mass arrests and colonies of prison camps. The Communist regime spent more time, energy and resources cracking down on unarmed protestors for democracy in Hong Kong than they did preventing the pandemic. Both their own country and the world have been better off it they spent those resources cleaning up the alarming conditions that give birth to these outbreaks. Instead the Communist Chinese government tried to bury news of the disease as if were some troublesome human rights dissident or a badly-written memo from a provincial administrator. In January, when the disease was overwhelming the health system in Wuhan, the officials even threatened to jail any doctors or nurses who spoke out openly about this catastrophic threat to humanity. They allowed much of the domestic population to travel. And they allowed international travel to spread the disease to over a hundred countries around the world.

Papering Propaganda over an International Disaster

The Communists and their tame media outlets are currently peddling the line that “They bought more time” for the rest of the world. How? By arresting doctors? They are trying to turn their public health disaster into a propaganda victory – “Look!” they proclaim, “We can force our population to live in virtual home-prisons and beat the disease.” This stance conveniently ignores the issue that its because of the Communist Chinese inaction that people around the world are forced into virtual prisons. Their propaganda mission has essentially two directions. The first, for a largely domestic audience, is the fatuous idea that the virus was secretly planted in China by a group of American military athletes ( The second is to send boxes of masks and hand sanitizers to sympathetic regimes – Serbia, South Africa, Cambodia ( The irony of their sending these tokens to battle a disease that they helped foster seems to have been lost on the official Communist mind.

Racists and Xenophobes Back in your Cages

This is not a disease caused by the Chinese people. Many of the best researchers, public health experts and medical staff fighting against the spread of these diseases have been Chinese. They have almost all been hindered by the Communists. Not only have these viruses hit the Chinese people hard, but they have also been suffering from one of the worst social diseases known to humanity for the last seventy years – Mao Tse Tong style Communism. It is an utterly evil system that has insulted and defamed the culture and history of the country while killing tens-of-millions of the population. The human rights atrocities of the system boggle the mind: the cultural genocides in Tibet and Uighur; the gulag archipelago that stretches across China where millions of prisoners toil in enforced labour; the widespread execution and organ trafficking of the peaceful religious group the Falun Gong ( and and and Even the exact number of victims of the various Communist-led holocausts against the Chinese people, like the ‘Great Leap Forward’ or ‘the Cultural Revolution’, are difficult to estimate because the disasters were so large. Some researchers put the toll as high as 90-million people, some say that it was more likely 45-million people. Mao Tse-Tung, the evil instigator of the system, boasted about massacring 30-million people.

Xi Jinping Virus

So please, don’t call the Covid-19 the “Chinese Virus”, for that only divides the good people. Lets take the suggestion of one of the Chinese human rights protestors – – and call the virus that is afflicting the world the name of the man who has lead us into this disaster – Xi Jinping, the leader of the Communists – and call it the Xi Jinping Virus. If not that then lets call it the CCP Virus – the Chinese Communist Party Virus.

And for Goodness sake! Let us stop trading with this international public health disaster of a regime until they actually improve their standards and spare the rest of us.

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Comments (6)

  • Rod Reply

    Declan. Stop trading with China, and paragraphs below are truncated at ‘ the rest o..’ At least on my iPad.

    March 23, 2020 at 6:57 pm
    • Declan Hill Reply

      Thank you, Rod. Very much appreciated. Dreadful software is causing all kinds of issues. Will wrestle with it and get it sorted asap!



      March 23, 2020 at 9:40 pm
  • Giacomo Latta Reply

    We in the West chose to trade with (tyrannical) Communist China in order to pay less for all sorts of goods. Our economy is now interlocked with its economy and has made its tyrants rich and powerful. Now we cannot disassociate from the Chinese economy without causing equal harm to our own. Now the Chinese military no longer needs to consider invading our lands because they can invade our computers, private and governmental. Now they can shoot satellites out of the sky with impudence.
    Trudeau no doubt sees these tyrants killing their own people by destroying the local environment while mining the graphite necessary for the batteries that power our ”green” cars. Hopefully we will not permit Huawei to finish us off by knowing what our governments are doing before we do.

    March 23, 2020 at 9:12 pm
    • Declan Hill Reply

      Dear Giacomo,

      I am originally from a city full of people whose jobs were killed off by the industrial espionage of Huawei: Ottawa and Nortel. Yet the Canadian government is so dumb that civil servants were going to Starbucks to send official e-mails because the official government server had been
      infiltrated by the Chinese… Sigh…

      All good wishes,


      March 23, 2020 at 9:42 pm
  • Seán McGouran Reply

    Dem EVIL Orientals!
    The European Empires walked all over China for a full centruy (1848 – 1948), now we’re gettig their come-uppence.

    March 25, 2020 at 12:05 am
  • Martin Reply

    Couldn’t agree more with you, Declan! Another thing that is really outrageous is how the CCP is trying to shut up Taiwan, a free and democratic country whose citizens have been doing a fantastic job preventing the Xi Jinping virus (love that name!) from spreading as dramatically as in other countries. And our corrupt friends from the WHO don’t even let Taiwan participate in the World Health Assembly where the country could make game-changing contributions in the fight against the virus. This is where Western politics loses its integrity, all in the name of the CCP being an important “partner” or whatever…

    April 3, 2020 at 9:29 am

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